Newstar Property Management
Newstar Property Management
New Star Property Management & Gen. Maintenance L.L.C (NSPM) was incorporated in the UAE Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 2008, to provide its services in the field of property management and maintenance, in addition to general contracting, where its basic business activity concentrates on investment in residential buildings and villas, in addition to management supervision thereof, and follow up of maintenance works, renovation  and provide legal coverage for property management in the best and ideal manner.
NSPM proved its success and worthiness in property market in Abu Dhabi Emirate, to become an approved destination to most government and semi-government departments in Abu Dhabi, regarding tenancy contracts performed with concerned departments.
NSPM is distinguished for its new thinking and ideology in property market, where it employs all capabilities available such as highly qualified staff on both administrative and technical aspects, with its prominent experience in this field to provide services and facilities for its clients, considering NSPM’s objective to keep sustainable contractual relationship between Company and landlords on one side and its relationships with tenants from the other side.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
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